NFT Speaker Series

During the 38th edition of Art Brussels, our partner Parallel organised a series of talks extra muros in collaboration with iMAL (Art Center for digital cultures & technology), the leading New Media Art Center in Brussels.  

The goal was to immerse the Art Brussels professionals and visitors into various aspects of NFTs, unpacking, exploring, critiquing and harnessing the constellation of concepts that form this new and fast moving space. By bringing together major players of the contemporary art worlds and crypto/NFT experts, they will use this opportunity to build bridges between these two worlds.

How did we get here? A brief history of blockchain art and NFTs.

New model or tech hype cycle? How NFTs impact the art world. 

NFTs and the creator economy What does it mean for collectors, investors,and the rest of us? 

Needles in haystacks: curating and collecting NFTs.

Conclusion How to make sure NFTs become (more) valuable for the arts? 

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