25 – 28 April 2024
Brussels Expo

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Stéphanie Vandenecker

head of vip relations

More information on the 41st edition of the fair, which will take place from 24 to 27 April 2025, will be available soon.

VIP accreditation is open now. Please submit your details via vipartbrussels@easyfairs.com

For me, it was the best edition of Art Brussels so far. There were so many good things to see that I visited the fair three times. And when I wasn’t at the fair, I was enjoying one of the many activities of the VIP programme.

— Hubert Bonnet, Swiss-Belgian collector and founder of the Fondation CAB in Brussels and Saint-Paul de Vence

Art needs context. Therefore, it’s very worthwhile to take the time for the (Re)Discovery sections and delve deeper into emerging young talent and their (sometimes forgotten) predecessors. By bringing art from all over the world together with motivated collectors, Art Brussels fulfills an essential connecting role. The programme was well organized and facilitated meetings between collectors. A joyful reunion with many friends from all over Europe. 

— Bruno Teirlynck, Belgian collector

The 40th edition of art Brussels lived up to its reputation for the quality of a large number of works. Sometimes there were even a few “gems” (a pair of Castolari glasses in a gallery we didn’t know about, made of wire and flower petals). Many works at “accessible” prices, as long as you have a passion for art. Art Brussels reaches a greater number of future collectors, and we hope it will continue to do so.

— Hervé Lebrun & François Culioli, French collectors

Art Brussels has orchestrated a selection and programme worthy of its 40th edition. The network of collectors based in Brussels has always been very lively, and the exhibition has always been approachable, with the right blend of casualness and high standards. In particular, I discovered the work of Noémie Pilo on the annex14 stand, which I have yet to explore.

— Joseph Kouli, French collector

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