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iPass ID – The 1-Click KYC App

artpass ID is now known as iPass ID & iPass Pro

With AML regulations broadening and the upcoming AMLD6 directive, we’re thrilled to introduce a major solution update: evolving from artpass to iPass ID and iPass Pro. This shift, more than just a rebranding, reflects our dedication to inclusivity and excellence in the art and luxury sectors.

iPass ID

Our mission remains unchanged to empower buyers with a sovereign reusable digital KYC identity wallets and NFC smart cards that simplifies AML compliance, ensuring secure and seamless art and luxury purchases.

iPass Pro

Specifically designed and created for Art Market Participants (AMPs) and Luxury Market Participants (LMPs) professionals. The platform’s advanced features are designed to simplify the AML compliance process, offering realtime updates, audit-ready health monitors, and a robust security framework.

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