Jahn und Jahn

Jahn und Jahn is a contemporary art gallery based in Munich. The gallery has been in operation since 1978. The program presents contemporary artists internationally. Matthias Jahn has specialized in young contemporary painting, sculpture and site-specific works, whereas the focus of Galerie Fred Jahn (founded in 1978) continues to be on drawings and other works on paper by internationally renowned postwar artists, such as Georg Baselitz, Per Kirkeby, Imi Knoebel and Gerhard Richter. In the field of Modern Art, Galerie Fred Jahn has organized numerous exhibitions by important artists, including Karel Appel, Willi Baumeister and Ernst Wilhelm Nay. In 2017, Fred Jahn and Matthias Jahn’s galleries merged to form Galerie Jahn und Jahn, in Munich.

Stefan Vogel combines drawing, writing, and sculptural forms to create a dense unity. His tropes are influenced by concrete poetry. In multi-part wall pieces and full room installations, he weaves the organic and the artificial into fragile networks of relationships. Like a cartographer, he maps the paths as well as the altitudes of terrain that is yet to be determined. The images that emerge from this process are reminiscent of wasteland. Vogel himself suggests this, with the term ‘Gebrache’, which he coined to express a vulnerable state of quiescence and unused potential. Something stays still – but unrest crystallizes within! Chaos and order, like suffering and prosperity, spring from the same possibility. Only time and logic change, over and over again. The specific materials in Stefan Vogel’s works are based on the use of everyday objects, natural materials and building materials.

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