DISCOVERY features galleries that actively support emerging international artists presenting booths with a one artist show or an interesting dialogue between two artists who are not yet known within the European context, and whose practice constitutes a true ‘discovery’. The works are produced between 2017 and 2020.

The galleries are selected by the DISCOVERY Committee.

The best DISCOVERY booth is rewarded with the DISCOVERY Prize (€5.000 for the gallery, supported by Moleskine) and selected at the fair by a jury of curators and collectors.

DISCOVERY is supported by Moleskine

The list of participating galleries for the 38th edition will be released in December 2019.


Althuis Hofland – Amsterdam
with Tahmina Negmat | Waldemar Zimbelmann | Hannah Perry

CINNNAMON – Rotterdam + Divison of Labour – London
with Priscila Fernandes | Indrikis Gelzis | Lilian Kreutzberger

Conradi – Hamburg
with Yann-Vari Schubert

with Shahpour Pouyan

Dauwens & Beernaert – Brussels
with Toon Boeckmans | Karl Philips | Loïc Van Zeebroek

Derouillon – Paris
with Alexandre Benjamin Navet 

Lucie Drdova – Prague
with Barbora Kleinhamplová

Charlotte Fogh – Aarhus (DK), Ascot (UK)
with Rose Eken | Louis Reith

Freight+Volume – New York
with Samuel Jablon

gaep – Bucharest (supported by the Romanian Cultural Institute)
with Felipe Cohen

Gether Contemporary – Copenhagen
with Henrik Olai Kaarstein

Richard Heller – Santa Monica
with Christian Rex van Minnen | Kajahl | Joakim Ojanen

House of Egorn – Berlin
with Julie Favreau

Hverfisgallerí – Reykjavik
with Jeanine Cohen| Gúðný Rósa Ingimarsdóttir | Hrafnkell Sigurðsson

Iragui – Moscow
with Georgy Litichevsky

Lisa Kandlhofer – Vienna
with Frauke Dannert | Rodrigo Valenzuela

Parisa Kind – Frankfurt am Main
with Hannes Michanek 

Kleindienst – Leipzig
with Julius Hofmann | Walter Libuda

Lehmann + Silva – Porto
with João Gabriel

l’étrangère – London
with Anita Witek

Liang – Taipei
with Chia-Wei Hsu

LMNO – Brussels
with Adrien Lucca | Pep Vidal

mariondecannière – Antwerp
with Maika Garnica | Elias Cafmeyer

Ani Molnár – Budapest
with Magda Csutak | Tamás Waliczky

NOME – Berlin
with Goldin+Senneby

PACT – Paris
with Ivana Basic | Fin Simonetti

The Ryder Projects – London
with Jaime Pitarch

SARIEV – Plovdiv
with Valio Tchenkov | Martina Vacheva

Barbara Seiler – Zurich
with Tenki Hiramatsu

Sexauer – Berlin
with Caroline Kryzecki | Jay Gard | Jeewi Lee

Spazio Nobile – Brussels
with Kustaa Saksi | Bela Silva

Stems – Brussels, Luxembourg
with Tajh Rust

Catinca Tabacaru – New York
with Rachel Monosov

tegenboschvanvreden – Amsterdam
with Sander Breure & Witte van Hulzen

Tiwani – London
with Virginia Chihota | Gareth Nyandoro | Thierry Oussou

Steve Turner – Los Angeles
with Hannah Epstein | Kevin McNamee-Tweed | Paige Jiyoung Moon

Tyburn – London
with Kudzanai-Violet Hwami

Whitehouse gallery – Lovenjoel (BE)
with Anton Cotteleer | Hadassah Emmerich