Ruinart Art Lounge

Promenade[s] – Eva Jospin

Invited to be the Carte Blanche artist for 2023, Eva Jospin offers her vision of the terroir of Maison Ruinart. Like a cross-sectional landscape, the site of the Montagne de Reims appeared to the French artist as composed of different geological and temporal strata, real and imaginary.

Eva Jospin is passionate about the richness of this region and the know-how transmitted there: from the underground world of the crayères to the roots and interlacing vines; from the coronation of the kings of France in Reims Cathedral to the ennoblement of the Ruinart family under Charles X; and from the conversion of the old chalk quarries into cellars to the Maison’s expanded commitment to supporting biodiversity.

Through a series of artworks (drawings, sculptures and embroideries), she invites each of us to immerse ourselves in this landscape, as if plunging into a mysterious story intertwining the cycles of history and plants, life and creation. 

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