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Schrijf u in op de nieuwsbrief van Art Brussels en wordt als eerste op de hoogte gehouden van het beursprogramma en de laatste Insights!

Quentin Grosjean, QG Gallery, 2019

INSIGHTS | Quentin Grosjean (QG Gallery)

REDISCOVERY is a section dedicated to art from the 20th century and presents living or deceased artists who are underrecognized. The section aims to highlight surprising, unknown and original practices that have not yet entered into the art historical mainstream.

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Emmanuel Van der Auwera, Harlan Levey Projects

INSIGHTS | Conversation with artist Emmanuel Van der Auwera

Harlan Levey Projects won the Discovery prize at Art Brussels 2017 with a presentation including works by Emmanuel Van der Auwera. The gallery has presented in 2019 a SOLO of the artist. Emmanuel Van der Auwera currently has solo exhibitions at Botanique and Harlan Levey Projects, and he is included in the show “Open Skies” at WIELS.

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Discovery Committee Art Brussels

NEWS | DISCOVERY committee members

DISCOVERY features galleries that actively support emerging international artists presenting booths with a one man show or an interesting dialogue between two artists that are that are not yet known within the European context, and whose practice constitutes a real ‘discovery’.

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Curator Tenzing Barshee, Brussels Gallery Weekend

INSIGHTS | Interview with curator Tenzing Barshee

From September 5-8, Brussels Gallery Weekend holds its 12th edition. This year, about 40 galleries, a dozen institutions, and several artist-run spaces will open their doors to the public. Since 1968, Art Brussels has played a pivotal role in the energy that exists today in the Belgian contemporary art scene.

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Piero Dorazio, Concorde Project, Art Brussels

INSIGHTS | Summer shows in Knokke

On the first Friday in August, the Belgian seaside resort Knokke hosts Nacht Van Het Zoute: beach bars, catwalks and live music in the streets enhance the vibrancy of the city. A series of galleries will also be opening new shows this weekend.

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Art Brussels 2018

INSIGHTS | Artists at the Venice Biennale

The 58th edition of the Venice Biennale opened last week and runs until 24 November. It features the central exhibition curated by Ralph Rugoff titled May You Live in Interesting Times and also includes 89 national participations in the historic pavilions at the Giardini, the Arsenale and in the historic centre of Venice.

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Pieterjan Valgaeren, SCREEN IT, Art Brussels

INSIGHTS | Peter Jan Valgaeren, SCREEN IT

In the frame of Art Brussels Insights, we spoke with Pieter Jan Valgaeren, the artistic director of Stadstriennale Hasselt-Genk who is curating SCREEN IT for Art Brussels, a project focusing on the impact of our current screen-culture on the arts.

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