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Schrijf u in op de nieuwsbrief van Art Brussels en wordt als eerste op de hoogte gehouden van het beursprogramma en de laatste Insights!

NEWS | Art Brussels verplaatst naar 2022

De aanhoudende beperkingen door de COVID 19 pandemie hebben ons genoodzaakt om Art Brussels 2021 te annuleren. De bijzonder drukke internationale kunstbeurzenkalender van dit najaar leidde tot de beslissing om Art Brussels op te schuiven naar het voorjaar van 2022.

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NEWS | Art Brussels postponed to April 2021

The Belgian National Security Council extended the measures to combat the coronavirus, including in its directives that no mass event could be organised until 31 August 2020. In this obvious case of force majeure, the 38th edition of Art Brussels is forced to postpone to 22-25 April 2021.

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Maria Lai Casa delle Janas, 1996 mixed media on paper and fabric 25 x 18 cm  courtesy of M77 and Archivio Maria Lai, Siae 2019

INSIGHTS | Conversation with Chiara Principe (M77)

The REDISCOVERY section at Art Brussels is dedicated to 20th century art. Newcomer M77 from Milan will feature a duo presentation of Maria Lai and Braco Dimitrijević in REDISCOVERY. As part Art Brussels Insights, we spoke with Chiara Principe, director of M77 about the work of Maria Lai.

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My, Our, Your, 2019 Colour photographic impression on blue-black,  100 x 70cm Installation poster for Art Brussels 2020, Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles.

INSIGHTS | Conversation with Valérian Goalec (Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles)

Since 2012, the General Administration of Culture of the Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles has had a booth at Art Brussels. The presence of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation at the fair is meant to contribute to the dissemination of the work of its artists, both nationally and internationally. The winners of the open call for participation in Art Brussels 2020 are artist Valérian Goalec and curator Maud Salembier. They are presenting My, Our, Your, a project that proposes an exploration of proxemics as a process of being with others, through touch, sight, smell or sound. As part of Art Brussels Insights, we spoke with Valérian Goalec about the project.

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Installation views at Sapar Contemporary, New York, USA

INSIGHTS | Conversation with Nina Levent (Sapar Contemporary)

This year, in the DISCOVERY section at Art Brussels 2020, discoveries from emerging artists will be presented a new format. Galleries will either present a single artist or an interesting dialogue between two artists. Sapar Contemporary from New York will present a project by Phoebe Boswell, created for Geneva’s new railway station. As part Art Brussels Insights, we spoke with Nina Levent, director of Sapar Contemporary, about the gallery and the upcoming presentation in DISCOVERY at Art Brussels 2020.

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Grant Levy-Lucero, Melissa 99¢ and Up, Sugar, 2017

INSIGHTS | Conversation with Davida Nemeroff (Night Gallery)

Art Brussels returns for its 38th edition with a strong international line-up and a unique mix of established and emerging talent. One newcomer of note is Night Gallery from Los Angeles, featuring a dual presentation of Grant Levy-Lucero and Rose Marcus in the DISCOVERY section. For Art Brussels Insights, we spoke with Davida Nemeroff, the founder of Night Gallery, about her downtown L.A. gallery and her upcoming presentation in DISCOVERY at Art Brussels.

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Enzo Cucchi, Enzo Cucchi, installation view at Madragoa, Lisbon, 26 January-9 March, 2019

INSIGHTS | Conversation with Matteo Consonni (Madragoa)

After the successful launch of INVITED last year, Art Brussels decided to again endorse galleries that are championing the evolving art market, as well as a younger generation of international galleries. As part of Art Brussels Insights, we spoke with Matteo Consonni, the owner of Madragoa, about opening up a gallery in Lisbon and about his upcoming presentation in INVITED at Art Brussels 2020.

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Laure Prouvost at Nathalie Obadia, Art Brussels 2019

Nieuws | Deelnemers 38ste editie

Art Brussels, één van Europa’s belangrijkste kunstbeurzen, kondigt haar 38ste editie aan. Met een sterke, internationale deelnemerslijst staat de beurs garant voor een evenwichtige mix van opkomende en gevestigde kunstenaars.

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View of Temporalizing Temporality Photography by SangTae Kim.

INSIGHTS | Interview with gallerist Jason Haam

In 2019, Jason Haam, from Seoul, participated in the PRIME section of Art Brussels, which focuses on mid-career and established artists on an international level. As part of Art Brussels Insights, we spoke with Jason Haam about his participation in the fair and how he looks at Belgium from Korea.

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INSIGHTS | Interview with artist Nel Aerts

Since her first presentation at Art Brussels in 2013, Belgian artist Nel Aerts has been featured in several presentations at the fair over the years. She is represented by Plus-One Gallery from Antwerp that will participate at Art Brussels 2020.

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Quentin Grosjean, QG Gallery, 2019

INSIGHTS | Quentin Grosjean (QG Gallery)

REDISCOVERY is a section dedicated to art from the 20th century and presents living or deceased artists who are underrecognized. The section aims to highlight surprising, unknown and original practices that have not yet entered into the art historical mainstream.

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Emmanuel Van der Auwera, Harlan Levey Projects

INSIGHTS | Conversation with artist Emmanuel Van der Auwera

Harlan Levey Projects won the Discovery prize at Art Brussels 2017 with a presentation including works by Emmanuel Van der Auwera. The gallery has presented in 2019 a SOLO of the artist. Emmanuel Van der Auwera currently has solo exhibitions at Botanique and Harlan Levey Projects, and he is included in the show “Open Skies” at WIELS.

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Discovery Committee Art Brussels

NEWS | DISCOVERY committee members

DISCOVERY features galleries that actively support emerging international artists presenting booths with a one man show or an interesting dialogue between two artists that are that are not yet known within the European context, and whose practice constitutes a real ‘discovery’.

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Curator Tenzing Barshee, Brussels Gallery Weekend

INSIGHTS | Interview with curator Tenzing Barshee

From September 5-8, Brussels Gallery Weekend holds its 12th edition. This year, about 40 galleries, a dozen institutions, and several artist-run spaces will open their doors to the public. Since 1968, Art Brussels has played a pivotal role in the energy that exists today in the Belgian contemporary art scene.

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Piero Dorazio, Concorde Project, Art Brussels

INSIGHTS | Summer shows in Knokke

On the first Friday in August, the Belgian seaside resort Knokke hosts Nacht Van Het Zoute: beach bars, catwalks and live music in the streets enhance the vibrancy of the city. A series of galleries will also be opening new shows this weekend.

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