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The 37th edition will see the launch of the new and diverse INVITED section which supports a younger generation of international galleries who have never participated in the fair, giving them a complete carte blanche for their booth. This section will include galleries that are championing the shifting art market and challenging the traditional gallery model.

Ballon Rouge Collective

Ballon Rouge Collective is pleased to present works by Merve Iseri and Philip Janssens at INVITED. Merve (b. 1992, Istanbul) lives and works in London and Philip (b. 1980, Lille) is a local to Brussels. Merve will have a solo exhibition up concurrently with the fair at B.R.Club in Brussels. Philip will have a solo exhibition at non-profit space MegaMelange in Cologne in May. Merve paints and Philip weaves, amongst other things. Visually and conceptually different, their works do find each-other at the crossroads between conscious image-making as a simulacrum and notions of spirituality or otherworldly mysteries and their effect on perception and the body.
Merve Iseri, vision of holding a star in motion, oil and pastel on black cotton, 2018, 115 x 135 x 4 cm, courtesy the artist and B.R.C.


Alice Black

Alice Black will spotlight Tristan Pigott & Lee Marshall, two young London based artists. Tristan Pigott (b. 1990) holds a BA from Camberwell College of Arts (2009-2012) and an MA in Sculpture from the Royal College of Art (2017-2019). Lee Marshall (b. 1986) holds a BA Hons Fine Art, Norwich School of Art and Design, Norwich (2005-2008).

Both artists are celebrated for their knowing and wry critique of contemporary culture and an ongoing exploration into the place of the image and image-making methods in today’s visually saturated landscape. Employing playful subversion, Pigott and Marshall fluidly adopt and adapt the tropes of past painterly movements while harnessing the logic of graphic editing software such as Photoshop, Illustrator and Microsoft Paint, with their layers, cut-copy-paste actions and selective masking and editing of imagery. In doing so they celebrate the potential of digital media and imaging software to generate new aesthetics, whilst clinically questioning what it means to put paint to canvas in a digitally dominant world. The works of both artists reflect a fascination and desire to make sense of our straddled position between the real and the virtual.


Counter Space

Sculpture? / Sculpture

Counter Space will be showing the work of 5 artists with a different approach to sculpture, waving a sculptural narrative between each work: Antoinette d’Ansembourg, Maxime Bondu, Will Kerr, Anne Rochat, Vittorio Santoro and Sebastian Utzni.

Visitors will be entering a visual discourse, ranging between works of a permanent state or physicality and other more ‘instable’ ones, changing their aggregate states. Everyday objects that don’t exist for an ascribed purpose, raising questions of functionality and aesthetics. What lies behind the layer of assumption, what lies between existing in matter and the testimony of it? Sometimes the obvious serves as an impediment to our ability to discern subtleties confronting us with our abbreviated thoughts.
Anne Rochat, Legend Obsidian, 2017, live performance, 60 min


Damien & The Love Guru

For the INVITED section Damien & The Love Guru will present new and existing works by Aisha Christison, Margarita Maximova and Jasmin Werner.

Christison’s paintings are as much an abstract portrait of colour as they are a figurative still life. The imagery she employs are interwoven fragments of her personal history, portrayed in a way that is saccharine and obscured by memory using a visual language made possible by digital technology yet also shows its roots in European post-expressionism.

Margarita Maximova’s video practice incorporates modes of thought about language, the collective memory and digital as well as geographic displacement. Maximova analyzes psychological and emotional concepts and investigates how the difference between the personal and the public becomes blurred and constantly needs to be redefined in the present-day.

Jasmin Werner perceives skilled work and craft as a reference system, alluding to traditions and stories that are connected to the objects and their making. A collective memory is being addressed through a knowledge which is shared. The space designed by Parasite 2.0 for this occasion will be a reflection on alienating spaces.
Jasmin Werner, Table ornament in cadmium, 50x70cm, oil on linen, 2019


La Maison de Rendez-Vous

La Maison de Rendez-Vous will present a booth featuring the work of Michael Berryhill, Hana Miletic, Autumn Ramsey and Yui Yaegashi. Together they reflect a diversity of backgrounds and themes in their work, and they share a deep commitment to materials, craft, and making. The images they produce are inseparable from the method and the materials they use to produce them. Individually, they reflect the specific character of the respective gallery programs to which they are initially linked. Collectively, they convey LA MAISON DE RENDEZ-VOUS’ dedication to supporting fully integrated art making practices.

Michael Berryhill (American, based in New York) is presented by Lulu; Hana Miletic (Croatian, based in Brussels) is presented by LambdaLambdaLambda; Autumn Ramsey (American, based in Chicago) is presented by Park View/Paul Soto; and Yui Yaegashi (Japanese, based in Tokyo) is presented by MISAKO&ROSEN.

Hana Miletić, Materials, 2018, hand-woven textile, platinum mercerised cotton, grey raw wool, silver viscose and silk, wood, silver leafing, 86 x 82 x 1 cm, courtesy of the artist and LambdaLambdaLambda


Paid by the artist

'Paid by the artist' is a for Art Brussels created gallery, set up by Simon Delobel. He recently decided to put an end to the five years old gallery trampoline in order to create from scratch new galleries for each new exhibition project. In doing so, he comments branding strategies, places the artist central and creates new gallery identities in accordance to the exhibited artist. The gallery (physically and digitally) is aligned with the vision of the artist and not other way around.
'Paid by the artist' will present works of Yannick Ganseman at Art Brussels 2019.

Yannick Ganseman, Milk Bottle, Painted oak, 2015, 22 x 10 x 5,5 cm, photo by Kristof Vrancken

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