valerie_traan gallery

A conjunction of architectural forms, products of the work of Frederic Geurts, Gijs Van Vaerenbergh, Paul Gees and Filip Dujardin, who all conceive sculptural and space-interventions in their practice. They use architectural techniques, drawings or other materials to conceive their art and rethink space. With their unconventional and conceptually provocative use of architectural language, these artists linger between figurative and research-based projects that lead to the creation of new sculptural works. They work with and on architecture or use architectural elements as the building blocks of their artistic practice. Their oeuvres investigate the usage of space. Small interventions by Fernanda Fragateiro, Haleh Redjaian and John Van Oers will complete the story.

Geert Vanoorlé has been painting steadily since 1987, in a meandering oeuvre with the aesthetics of the gentleman. An elegant beauty arises without bravado or great gesture. For a moment, the wicked world outside is left at the doorstep. The paintings are inconspicuously imbued with reality. Some paintings refer to the football team of Sint-Truiden, while others have as a subject the canvas of the Holy Veronika, a flag or a fish. Because the painter incorporates these themes subcutaneously in his canvases, there is more at stake than arranging surfaces in the space of the muscle frame. Geert Vanoorlé thoroughly contemplates the relationship between the work of art and its environment.

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