Founded as an artists’ initiative, Sanatorium continues its progressive approach with many curatorial projects at the international level. The gallery hosts projects in collaboration with different organizations, curators and artists. Through collaborations with artists, Sanatorium supports projects that make intellectual contributions to art history and the contemporary art scene with an approach that centres on critical thinking and experimentation. Sanatorium aims to create an alternative gallery model in Turkey, with events including tours, artist talks and performatives studies. Sanatorium supports the artists we represent in their local and international projects, helping them to expand their visibility in the contemporary art scene.

Agnès Guillaume’s ‘Souls’ shows unreadable faces in movement on a monochrome background. By using portraits of random people as a substance, Guillaume aims to reveal the never-ending transformations and juxtapositions that create personalities. Against all the limitations and fixations of the self, the artist intends to extend the images of the faces to their broadest reality – stopping just before disintegration. Her work shows the tautological parallel between video art, which is by excellence the art of movement, and the incessant flow of life.

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