Nino Mier Gallery

Nino Mier Gallery presents works by a group of established and emerging figurative painters whose deeply personal works function as a method of universal storytelling. The narrative focus of each painter is unique to their respective points of view, method and practice, yet all depict images of figures grappling with everyday life. For Art Brussels, the unique, chronicled threads, when woven together, expound upon deeper contemporary cultural concerns surrounding issues of identity.

For Art Brussels, Jake Longstreth presents a reprise of his series called ‘Seven Trees’, exploring the specific, local ecosystem in Southern California. One day, on a hike above Los Angeles, Longstreth decided to depict several of the tree species characteristic to the region and the city: Canary Island Pine, Eucalyptus, Fan Palm and Live Oak. Presented essentially as ‘tree portraits’, the individualized trees become a stand-in for the human perspective, gazing out at an arid and smoggy horizon.

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