Mendes Wood DM

Mendes Wood DM was founded in 2010 with the intention of exhibiting international and Brazilian artists in a context conducive to critical dialogue and cross-pollination. Central to the gallery’s program is a concern for regional differences and individuation while fostering cosmopolitanism and collaboration. Inspired by a belief that artistic practices broaden the scope of human agency and have the power to both touch and change the world, Mendes Wood DM cultivates a program premised on conceptualism, political resistance and intellectual rigour.

Navigating different references, Patricia Leite gives an outlet to her memories and latent affections through an extremely peculiar pictorial exercise. Her paintings derive from photographs, akin to a visual diary collected from various sources. These referential images present a point of departure for the tone and form of each of her paintings. Inspired by the intense colours and light of her native Brazil, Leite describes her works as ‘imagined landscapes’, blending memory, association and imagination to subvert traditional landscape painting and encourage new ways of exploring pictorial space. Vibrating between abstraction and figuration, Leite’s work deals with movement from a solid state to an inconstant moment.

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