mariondecannière is a contemporary art gallery located in Antwerp that gives opportunities to Belgian and international artists. mariondecannière welcomes artists, regardless of age, and is not bound to the representation of specific artists.
In collaboration with Frederik Vergaert, mariondecannière has a program in which solo exhibitions alternate with group shows.

Leon Vranken’s work is radical in its simplicity and pays tremendous attention to material and finish, expressing both tension and calm. He interweaves expectation with technical expertise. His works – sculptures, installations, photos and interventions – are mainly developed in interaction with space.
Leon Vranken is always able to disrupt direct visual recognisability by depriving everyday objects of their function and deliberately using various materials. One could describe his work as sculptural trompe l’oeils, alluring yet misleading configurations. Geometric ensembles, sophisticated sculptures and fake ready-mades are painstakingly orchestrated in space. Shape, presentation and meaning slide continuously over each other like tectonic plates. With his spatial compositions, the artist defies gravity, the viewer and the medium.

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