Jason Haam

Jason Haam opened his eponymous gallery in Seongbuk-dong, Seoul, in January 2018, with its inaugural exhibition by Oliver Arms. Founded with an uncompromising ethos and spirit, the gallery is dedicated to showing works that are original and definitive of their time – while promoting contemporary artworks to the global audience and providing well-informed exhibitions within an historical context.

Made up of thousands of meticulously ordered hand-drawn lines and ecstatic arrangements of dots, linn meyers’ paintings point to diagrammatic visual languages outside the traditional scope of fine art that seek an order or logic to chaotic phenomenon. A reminder that paintings archive the traces and actions of their maker, meyers’ works turn lines into drags, dots into touches—each one a record of the constellations of decisions, mistakes, tensions, and interventions that adhere to each mark.
The artist’s most recent paintings continue her deep engagement with the power and presence of the individual mark, and invite the viewer to acknowledge the artist’s body as the laboring force behind these painstakingly rendered works. Though not narrative in a traditional sense, these paintings hold together the monumental and microscopic forces and feelings that creation, labor, and daily experience all share—while asking viewers to unfurl those layers in discordant simultaneity.

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