Galerie Zink

In a presentation entitled ‘Thinking With My Hands’, Galerie Zink brings together works by eight artists who work on the frontiers of art, craft and design, and whose works are affected by the dialogue between thinking and action, between mind and hand. What Rosilene Luduvico, Sky Glabush, Klaas Rommelaere and Dirk Zoete have in common is that their way of working is guided by the process of making and the dialogue with their performing hand. Coming from crafts, the works by Johannes Nagel, Rudolf Bott, Atelier Lachaert Dhanis and Karl Fritsch have made the crossing from the applied arts into independent, self-contained objects.

Influenced by (Asian) pop culture and originating in the simple aesthetics and direct language of street art, cartoon, anime, or computer games, Javier Calleja’s works are a democratic and omnipresent way of interacting with an audience, using a simple and direct approach. Calleja’s work is in the tradition of recent movements in Pop Art, in the wake of such figures as Barry McGee, Yoshitomo Nara, Chris Johanson, or Margaret Kilgallen, and plays with the concept of perception in a whimsical exercise of awareness.

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