Galerie Templon

Founded in 1966, Galerie Templon has one gallery space in Brussels and two in Paris. Devoted to the promotion of contemporary art, our program creates dialogues between artists from different generations and continents. Established figures, such as American artists Jim Dine and George Segal, respond to the work of international artists, including the Senegalese painter Omar Ba, German painter Jonathan Meese, or Japanese artist Chiharu Shiota. A special focus is given to new works by the Belgian artists Jan Fabre and Jan Van Imschoot.

For Art Brussels, Abdelkader Benchamma has created a special installation inspired by neurophysiological research on ‘the engram’, the biological trace of memory in the brain. Exploring the visible and the invisible, his black-and-white drawings, on paper or floating freely onto the walls, evoke both natural elements and cosmic forces.

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