Galerie Sator

Founded in the Marais in Paris in 2011, Galerie Sator promotes the work of emerging and developing international artists. The gallery is characterized by its strong emphasis on visual art that references other forms of art and fields of thought: politics, history, history of art, literature, philosophy and science. Sator’s $hardReturnapproach is completed by an investigation of the place of the image in contemporary societies and of the production of plastic forms. In October 2019, Galerie Sator joined Komunuma in Romainville. In this second space of over 100m2, the gallery develops and presents specific curatorial projects.

‘When I arrived in France at 18 years old, I was submerged in a new culture, which I was eager to appropriate through images (advertising, films, etc). In Iran, I only had access to propaganda images. In France, I was overwhelmed by the amount and the provenances of, for instance, images in public spaces. After a few years, I pursued this appropriation across other cultures in Europe, Asia, and more recently in Africa during a residency in Benin.’

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