Galerie RX

Founded in April 2002 by Eric Rodrigue and Eric Dereumaux, Galerie RX has been located in the heart of the Marais since 2016, and presents the work of about fifteen photographers and plastic artists recognized domestically and internationally. The layout of the new location provides gallery artists with new perspectives and promotes collaborations with curators and international artists. Each exhibition allows the creation of a dialogue around works by different artists, all either represented by or invited by the gallery, presenting several solo shows at the same time. In parallel to this, Galerie RX proposes and develops outdoor projects with public and private institutions, as well as partnerships with international galleries.

Gallery RX presents a lesser-known domain of representative works from Nitsch’s artistic creations, namely multi-coloured paintings. Principally known for his paintings in red and black – the synonyms for life – from time to time, Nitsch’s series also feature more varied colours. We are showing his most recent series from the summer of 2019, consisting of this exceptional juxtaposition and variety of colours. Deeply rooted in Actionism, Nitsch’s action painting is devoted to life-affirming passion. Through the physical expression of the brilliance of the colours, Nitsch dedicates himself to the manifestation of the explosive power of the vitality of life. Through shades of green, blue, violet and yellow, the combination unveils an unusual format for emotional expressiveness, shedding light on a different layer of mysticism.

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