Galerie Klüser

Galerie Klüser is a platform for contemporary art founded in 1978.
It represents internationally renowned and emerging artists at two exhibition spaces in Munich. In particular, close cooperation with Joseph Beuys and Andy Warhol played an important role in the gallery’s history, with numerous series and projects initiated during the artists’ lifetimes, for instance Warhol’s Lenin portraits and Beuys’ multiples and catalogues raisonnés.
In addition, Galerie Klüser exhibited promising artists right from the beginning, such as Tony Cragg, Alex Katz, Sean Scully and key members of the Transavanguardia. Younger positions, including those of Natalia Zaluska, Gregor Hildebrandt and Constantin Luser, have been exhibited since 2002. In 2018, Anish Kapoor presented a site-specific exhibition at both spaces.

Key members of the Transavanguardia, like Enzo Cucchi and Mimmo Paladino, formed an important part of the gallery’s program right from the start. Apart from the organisation and support of many museum exhibitions, Galerie Klüser also published numerous editions and catalogues on the artists. Cucchi’s and Paladino’s bodies of work and their role in this artistic movement are of great importance for contemporary art and its intellectual discourse, which today seem to be underestimated. This Rediscovery turns the spotlight on Transavanguardia again by showing selected sculptures, paintings and works on paper by Enzo Cucchi and Mimmo Paladino.

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