Galerie Derouillon

Galerie Derouillon was founded in Paris in 2012 and is dedicated to discovering and promoting emerging contemporary artists. We have devoted ourselves to supporting emerging artists with the greatest sincerity, putting all our energy towards building a respected gallery with a strong program, while continuing to grow with our artists. Galerie Derouillon is proud to represent the Paris-based British painter Alex Foxton, and to have organized his first solo exhibition in Paris in 2019.

Galerie Derouillon is pleased to present a solo presentation by the Paris-based British artist Alex Foxton. The show will be a set of new paintings, never before exhibited and realized especially for Art Brussels 2020.
Continuing an investigation into masculine archetypes, Alex Foxton is currently investigating representations of the devil. Looking at this mysterious figure, Foxton is interested in the ambivalence that the devil embodies, the unconscious and dark parts of ourselves. ‛The devil is a man-made symbol that enables us to disconnect from others, and from the evil within ourselves. Depictions range from deeply serious to ultra-kitsch, and I’d like my paintings to be somehow both.’

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