Damien & The Love Guru

Belgian sculptor Sharon Van Overmeiren encounters forms intuitively, seeing her works as ephemeral manifestations, as ‘props’ or ‘objects’ rather than sculptures. They are memories of encounters that will eventually be snowed in by others. Czech painter Daniel Vlček – see Lucie Drdova Gallery p. – addresses the unending tension between the invisible and the visible, the digital and the analogue, in his abstract paintings, electronic soundscapes and installations comprising pieces of fabric and readymade objects. Van Overmeiren’s and Vlček’s work meet in the transience of the passage of mindful layers, creating structured moving objects, soundscape, and above all, symmetrical harmony, which shifts us back to historical imagination and ornamental works. Both artists are searching for a process reviving half-forgotten art technologies which lend archeological aspects to their works.

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