The fair has four clear sections, aligned with its profile:

DISCOVERY: the focus is on young, emerging and lesser-known artists with recent works (2017-2020)

PRIME: the focus is on established artists from modern to contemporary. This section offers the possibility of adding a REDISCOVERY stand or a SOLO presentation*

REDISCOVERY: dedicated to art from the 20th century, this section presents living or deceased artists who are under-recognised, under-estimated or forgotten. This section also offers the possibility of adding a SOLO presentation*

INVITED**: launched in 2019, this section responds to exciting new shifts in the art market, providing new models that support a younger generation of international galleries. This section includes galleries that challenge the traditional gallery model. By invitation only.

* SOLO: an individual ambitious project dedicated to the work of one artist, a one-artist show in the entire stand or as an extension of the main stand.

**As participation is by invitation, it is not possible to apply to the INVITED section.

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