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Ways beyond the post-internet

Friday 20 April - 4:30 pm - in English

In the Talks Room (Hôtel de la Poste - Tour & Taxis)

A panel with artists, collectors, curators, gallerists, art critics and theorists.

Moderated by Josephine Bosma | Art critic (NL)

Yves Bernard | Co-founder iMAL (BE)
Peter Beyls | Artist/scientist (BE)
Constant Dullaart | Artist (NL)
Valérie Hasson-Benillouche | Gallery Charlot (FR)
Hampus Lindwall | Composer and art collector (SE/BE)
Fabio Paris | Curator and co-founder Link Art Center (IT)
Domenico Quaranta | Art critic and curator (IT)
Carlo Zanni | Artist (IT)

Borrowing its title from the (in)famous launch of the Post-internet label at the DLD (Digital Life Design) conference in 2012 (the round table “Ways Beyond the Internet”, introduced by Hans Ulrich Obrist), this panel wants to explore recent developments in the field of media art. Now that a broader aknowledgment that we are living in an age shaped by digital technologies has taken place, that “digital aware art” has found its way in the global art world and market in stable, material, post-digital forms, what’s emerging in terms of aesthetics, poetics, formal choices, politics and economics?

This debate is proposed by iMAL and Link Art Center in the continuation of the exhibition "#LAYERS" (Contemporary Art in the Digital Era) organised by iMAL at Charleroi-Danses, Brussels: La Raffinerie, rue de Manchester 21, 1080 Brussels (18 April - 27 May 2018).

Yves Bernard (BE)
Yves co-founded iMAL, Center for Digital Cultures and Technology in Brussels in 1999 to promote art practices with contemporary technologies. He is its artistic director and he curated many media arts exhibitions in Brussels and Europe.

Peter Beyls (BE)
Peter is a Belgian born artist/scientist working on the intersection of computer science and the arts. He develops generative systems in music, the visual arts and hybrid formats.

Josephine Bosma (NL) - moderator
Josephine is a freelance critic and theorist working in the expanded field of art and new media. She organised many smaller and bigger events around art and the Internet, and lectures and publishes internationally.

Constant Dullaart (NL)
Constant works primarily with the Internet as an alternative space of presentation and (mis)representation. His often-political approach is critical of the control that corporate systems have upon our perception of the world, and the way in which we passively adopt their languages.

Valérie Hasson-Benillouche (FR)
Valérie founded in 2010 the Gallery Charlot (Paris). in order to promote innovative contemporary art practices. The gallery focuses on the relation between art, technology and science.

Hampus Lindwall (SE/BE)
Hampus is a Swedish organist and composer living in Brussels. He is collecting contemporary art in various forms and formats ranging from paintings & sculptures to videos & websites.

Fabio Paris  (IT)
Fabio is a contemporary art curator and co-founder of Link Art Center, His work is focussed in art that tackles the themes, languages, and forms that have emerged during the digital turn of the last twenty years.

Domenico Quaranta (IT)
Domenico Quaranta is a contemporary art critic and curator. His work focuses on the impact of current means of production and dissemination on the arts, and on the way they respond - syntactically and semantically - to the technological shift. He is the author of Beyond New Media Art (2013) and AFK. Texts on Artists 2011 - 2016 (2016), and the curator of a number of exhibitions, including Collect the WWWorld (2011 - 2012) and Cyphoria (2016).

Carlo Zanni (IT)
Carlo Zanni creates time-based works combining a social consciousness and a focus on identity and the self. He researches alternative selling models for digital art and he is the author of the book “Art in the Age of the Cloud”.

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