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Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles

What comes out is what’s inside - Lucie Lanzini, curated by Nicolas de Ribou

Project curated by Nicolas de Ribou, presented in the stand D11 of Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles

Lucie Lanzini pays particular attention to everyday forms for their capacity to evoke and summon memories. Her studio is the existential matrix of her creative process. A place of experimentation; it is alive, it draws you in and is a space of reflection. Through the process of sculpting, the original elements are retained, as well as their traces and their footprints. In regards to this, the created objects are in transit, because the artist's studio is as much a place of appearance as of disappearance. As soon as the artwork exists, the artist incorporates the anticipated separation. The autonomy of the work is the prerequisite of its existence.

What comes out is what's inside evokes both the liberation of the form from the mold and the work emancipating itself from the workshop. A set of sculptures created by the technique of molding is shown to offer an introspective glance on the forms, objects and tools from the studio, used on a daily basis by the artist to create her sculptural works. In echo, the on-site installation Main courante (Handrail), an ensemble of glass ramps made through different processing techniques, invites one to get into the material as well as to get out of the space. These ramps are the symbol of the attachment that links the artist to her studio, as well as to her earlier works, which are now displayed in other contexts. What comes out is what's inside bears the mark of an absence while providing proof of a multitude of states of being and interrelationships

Image: Lucie Lanzini. Répertoire, 2019. Jesmonite, pigment. 24 x 18 cm © Lucie Lanzini. Courtesy the artist


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