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Invisible Cities

Invisible Cities is a tetralogy inspired by in the 1960-1970s Metabolist utopist movement. This cycle of films questions the notion of landscape and brings together several portraits of Japanese towns (machinami): Tokyo, Yokohama, Kyoto, Osaka. It is close to what is called “augmented reality” as it combines digital 3D or 2D images with images of social and urban reality, filmed or photographed. The choice of showing Japan through hybrid plastic shapes results from the use of the technological tools that constitute it, with the goal of recreating it. These eclectic cities, sorts of laboratories where architecture and urbanism are in perpetual evolution, entail a dialogue between reality and fiction. The digital techniques used to create this project are based on the hybridization of photographic, filmed and computer-generated images, and are combined with a sonic composition by Lionel Marchetti.

The cycle Invisible Cities terminates with the film Stations, a real and fictional travel in urban and natural landscapes of the Osaka region: the Kansai. The film explores the utopia of the Metabolist movement (1960-70s) in a virtual reconstruction of the “Osaka 70” World Exposition. It invites us to a memorial journey into the historical sites of Nara and Kyoto, towards the doors of the “Biwako Machi” lake city, a virtual town created by the artist on the Biwa Lake, elaborated following the guidelines of the Kyoto Protocol.

Project curated by Gregory Lang, producer of the films.

Films produced bySolang Production Paris Brussels, in coproduction with S.O.I.L., Brussels, with support by CNC-Dicréam, CNAP, Le Carré Centre d’art (FR), VAF, FWB (BE), Collection Pierre Darier (CH), and partnership of ENSA, Nantes, Koganecho Bazaar, Yokohama, and Villa Kujoyama, Kyoto (JP).

Image caption:
Pierre Jean Giloux
Invisible Cities
Metabolism #1 - Japan Principle #2 - Shrinking Cities #3 - Stations #4
4 full HD videos with soundtrack
Courtesy the artist and Solang Production Paris Brussels

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