Call for Monumental Sculpture

Near the entrance, in front of the building of the Art Brussels venue at Tour & Taxis, there is a huge square that is about 3000m² large. Visitors by foot or dropped by taxi will cross this square. Also visitors from the site of Tour & Taxis will pass by this square.

To create a welcoming atmosphere, we would like to give you, as exhibiting gallery, the opportunity to send in a proposal for a monumental sculpture by one of the artists you represent.

Please find here the map of the site on which the square is highlighted in yellow and some visuals of the square.

The conditions of the art work needs to accord with the following restrictions:

  • The art work can be put outside;
  • The art work is a monumental work and is not dangerous for the public;
  • The art work is not fragile and can be touched;
  • The art work has not a “take away” weight and is considered as heavy (max 1 ton / m²).

Do you have an art work in your storage that matches these conditions? Please send us a visual and a detailed description of the work by Friday 9 February to

In function of the number of proposals and the conditions of the instalments, we will get back to you whether we are able to follow up on this proposal. Ideally we are thinking of 3 or 4 sculptures.

Please note that the site of Tour & Taxis is not secured. Transportation costs and insurance are covered by the gallery. There is no rental fee charged.

The exhibition period of these sculptures CAN be longer than the fair days.
Installation period: as from Monday 2 April, until Tuesday 17 April
Dismantling period: as from Monday 23 April until Tuesday 2 May.

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